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Jungle Boy is a fresh produce and dry goods wholesale company based in Helsinki. Jungle Boy's goal is to supply fresh quality produce and specialty dry goods, to restaurants and consumers in the Helsinki area.


At Jungle Boy, we care about our customers and want to provide you with best possible products and service. Our product range includes the freshest local produce available, imported fruits & vegetables, as well as a wide range of organic produce. We also provide a varied selection of dry goods, including Asian & North African products, and a variety of other specialty items.


Please have a look at the products and services provided by Jungle Boy, or contact us to discuss how we can provide your company with quality dry goods and Jungle fresh produce.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Naturally grown, Jungle Fresh
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Jungle Boy


Jungle Boy can provide a wide range

of fresh produce and quality dry goods.



Canned Goods

Dry Goods

Specialty Items

Fresh Herbs, Nuts & Dried Fruits

Tofu, Feta, Eggs & Dairy

Prepared Vegetables and Salad

For more information see our detailed

product & price list or contact us at:

For all your fresh produce & quality dry
good needs, contact us or download our
full product list at the link below.


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